Dark Matter

darkmatter300As well as being a senior coach for Newcastle Roller Derby, Dark Matter is also the Canny Belters bench coach and contributed in no small part to their success so far in their 2015 season.

Matt also plays for and coaches Newcastle’s Tyne & Fear men’s roller derby team, who are ranked number 13 in the world in the MRDA rankings and 3rd in Europe.

Matt is also on the 2015 Team England men’s roller derby squad, and has been since 2013.

There is nothing about the rule book that Dark Matter doesn’t know, and his extensive bench and skating experience means he can always provide creative solutions to any problems that a team is having.

On track, Matt is a strong primary jammer and he can share the best strategies for securing lead, breaking open those walls on your own, and even how to avoid them altogether!

Off track Matt can talk about bench strategies, rules and more.