Game Results

Check out all the scores from past Newcastle Roller Derby games. We’re the biggest roller derby league in the North East and hope to keep adding to our great track record!

Canny Belters = A team, WFTDA/UKRDA roster
Whippin’ Hinnies = B Team

DateVenueNRDOpponentResultEvent type
25 November 2023HomeCanny Belters- 158Glasgow- 134Win
30 September 2023AwayCanny Belters- 138Liverpool- 149Loss
30 September 2023HomeCanny Belters- 169Rotterdamn- 169Loss
15 July 2023HomeWhippin' Hinnies- 166Banditas- 202Loss2023 Five Nations Roller Derby Championships Tier 4
18 June 2023HomeCanny Belters- 219Dundee- 194Win2023 Five Nations Roller Derby Championships Tier 2
17 June 2023AwayCanny Belters- 303Kent- 97Win2023 Five Nations Roller Derby Championships Tier 2
17 June 2023AwayCanny Belters- 162Leeds- 167Loss2023 Five Nations Roller Derby Championships Tier 2
3 June 2023HomeWhippin' Hinnies- 164Durham- 214Loss2023 Five Nations Roller Derby Championships Tier 4
1 April 2023AwayWhippin' Hinnies- 224Hull Angels- 154Win2023 Five Nations Roller Derby Championships Tier 4
27 November 2022AwayCanny Belters- 68Leeds- 122Loss
29 October 2022HomeCanny Belters- 67Auld Reekie- 158Loss
22 October 2022AwayWhippin' Hinnies- 98Leeds B Team- 315Loss
3 July 2022AwayCanny Belters- 161Leeds-138Win
16 February 2020AwayCanny Belters 132Birmingham- 165LossBritish Roller Derby Championship 2020: Women’s Elite
1 February 2020 HomeWhippin' Hinnies 323Spa Town 40WinBritish Roller Derby Championship 2020: Tier 2
10 November 2018HomeCanny Belters 116Vagine Regime 165Loss
10 November 2018HomeWhippin' Hinnies 152Dolly Rockits 186Loss
27 October 2018AwayCanny Belters 82Dublin Roller Derby 223LossWFTDA European Continental Cup 2018
27 October 2018AwayCanny Belters 83Middlesbrough Roller Derby 303LossWFTDA European Continental Cup 2018
20 October 2018HomeCanny Belters 177Auld Reekie Roller Girls 183Loss
20 October 2018HomeWhippin' Hinnies 133Dublin B 280Loss
13 October 2018AwayNorth Cs 162HARD B 236Loss
22 September 2018AwayWhippin' Hinnies 96Rainy City Revolution 225Loss
15 September 2018AwayWhippin' Hinnies 167Hulls Angels Roller Derby 174LossBritish Championships
4 August 2018HomeNorth Cs 356DCRA 90Win!
28 May 2018AwayWhippin' Hinnies 359Granite City's
Northern Fights 100
Win!British Championships
20 May 2018HomeCanny Belters 267Pittsburgh Steel Hurtin' 122Win!EuroClash 2018
19 May 2018HomeCanny Belters 149Birmingham Blitz Dames 168LossEuroClash 2018
19 May 2018HomeCanny Belters 115Tiger Bay Brawlers 161LossEuroClash 2018
5 May 2018AwayCanny Belters 158Tri City Thunder 140Win!Tri-Citi Tournament
Toronto, Canada
5 May 2018AwayCanny Belters 215Maine Roller Derby 103Win!Tri-Citi Tournament
Toronto, Canada
5 May 2018AwayCanny Belters 194Roller Derby Quebec 120Win!Tri-Citi Tournament
Toronto, Canada
21 April 2018HomeWhippin' Hinnies 236Wakey Wheeled Cats 117Win!British Championships
14 April 2018HomeCanny Belters 136Central City A 208Loss
14 April 2018HomeNorth Cs 104Middlesbrough B 331Loss
25 March 2018AwayCanny Belters 174Dock City Rollers 171Win!Hit me baby one more time! Triple header. Gothenberg, Sweden
24 March 2018AwayCanny Belters 406Nidaros 93Win!Hit me baby one more time! Triple header. Gothenberg, Sweden
17 March 2018HomeWhippin Hinnies 308Hallam Hellcats 71Win!British Championships
3 March 2018HomeNorth CsBirmingham Blitz Dames BCancelled
3 March 2018HomeCanny BeltersBirmingham Blitz Dames ACancelled
17 February 2018AwayWhippin' Hinnies 217Halifax 125Win!British Championships
4 November 2017HomeCanny Belters 144Team Scotland 223Loss
4 November 2017HomeWhippin' Hinnies 255Granite City Roller Derby 153Win!
28 October 2017AwayWhippin' Hinnies 235Central City Roller Girls B 104Tournament WINNERS!!Central City Rollergirls' B Team Tournament - FINAL
28 October 2017AwayWhippin' Hinnies 55Brussels Pixies B 43Win!Central City Rollergirls' B Team Tournament
28 October 2017AwayWhippin' Hinnies 101Dublin C 53Win!Central City Rollergirls' B Team Tournament
28 October 2017AwayWhippin' Hinnies 111Central City Roller Girls B 50Win!Central City Rollergirls' B Team Tournament
8 October 2017AwayWhippin' Hinnies 123Wirral Roller Derby 261LossBritish Championships
7 October 2017HomeNRG Canny Belters 386GRD Irn Bruisers 165Win!
7 October 2017HomeNorth Cs 127DRG Bonnie Colliders 282Loss
19 August 2017AwayNorth Cs 175Sunderland 232Loss
22 July 2017AwayWhippin' Hinnies 138Liverpool Roller Birds 391LossBritish Championships
11 June 2017AwayCanny Belters 72Oklahoma Victory Dolls 172LossMayday Mayhem, Colorado, USA
11 June 2017AwayCanny Belters 182Twin City Evil Twins 155Win!Mayday Mayhem, Colorado, USA
10 June 2017AwayCanny Belters 210Cape Fear Roller Girls 106Win!Mayday Mayhem, Colorado, USA
10 June 2017AwayCanny Belters 179Boulder County Bombers 195Loss!Mayday Mayhem, Colorado, USA
09 June 2017AwayCanny Belters 273Omah All Stars 147Win!Mayday Mayhem, Colorado, USA
13 May 2017HomeNorth Cs 143Nottingham Hellfire Harlots B 234Loss
22 April 2017HomeWhippin' Hinnies 164 Manchester Roller Derby Checkerbroads 219LossBritish Championships
8 April 2017HomeNorth Cs 257Durhan City Rolling Angels 183Win!
26 March 2017HomeCanny Belters 135Central City 177LossEuroClash 2017
25 March 2017HomeCanny Belters 76Paris 238LossEuroClash 2017
25 March 2017HomeCanny Belters 94Bear City 228LossEuroClash 2017
12 March 2017AwayWhippin' Hinnies 62Rainy City Tender Hooligans 348LossBritish Championships
18 February 2017AwayWhippin' Hinnies 143Cambridge Rollerbillies 183LossBritish Championships
28 January 2017AwayNorth Cs 152ASTROs 274Loss
22 OctoberHomeCanny Belters 203AARG All Stars 132Win!
22 OctoberHomeWhippin' Hinnies 172AARG All Stars Reserves 132Win!
15 OctoberAwayWhippin' Hinnies 146Romsey Town Rollerbillies 220Loss
24 September 2016AwayWhippin' Hinnies 132Tender Hooligans 193Loss
24 September 2016AwayCanny Belters 70Rainy City Roller Derby 224Loss
10 September 2016HomeCanny Belters 261Glasgow Roller Derby Irn Bruisers 96Win!
10 September 2016HomeNorth Cs 250York Minxters 149Win!
6 August 2016HomeNorth Cs 97Spa Town 389LossFirst open bout!!
2 July 2016AwayWhippin' Hinnies 101Dublin Roller Derby B 317Loss
4 June 2016HomeWhippin' Hinnies 179Royal Swedish A 152 Win!
15 May 2016AwayCanny Belters 205Oklahoma Victory Dolls 167Win!Beach Brawl
14 May 2016AwayCanny Belters 113Blue Ridge Rollergirls 205LossBeach Brawl
13 May 2016AwayCanny Belters 183Dublin Roller Derby 164Win!Beach Brawl
13 May 2016AwayCanny Belters 76Rainy City 218LossBeach Brawl
23 Apr 2016HomeCanny Belters 152Leeds Roller Dolls 85Win!British Championships
30 AprilAwayWhippin' Hinnies 143170 Brighton RockersLoss
2 April 2016HomeCanny Belters 159145 London Roller Girls Brawl SaintsWin!British Championships
2 April 2016HomeWhippin' Hinnies 23894 Norfolk BrawdsWin!
26 March 2016AwayCanny Belters 326166 Royal Windsor Roller GirlsWin!British Championships
12 March 2016AwayCanny Belters 148188 Auld ReekieLoss
21 February 2016AwayCanny Belters 238109 Glasgow Roller DerbyWin!
30 Jan 2016HomeWhippin' Hinnies 143138 Sheffield Steel AWin!
22 Nov 2015AwayWhippin' Hinnies 205 166 London Rockin' Rollers BWin!
14 Nov 2015HomeCanny Belters 227260 London Roller Girls Brawl Saints Loss
14 Nov 2015HomeWhippin' Hinnies 150189 London Roller Girls Batter C PowerLoss
17 Oct 2015HomeCanny Belters 132150 Central City RollergirlsLoss
17 Oct 2015HomeWhippin' Hinnies 322158 Roller Derby LeicesterWin!
26 September 2015AwayWhippin' Hinnies 18264 Manchester Roller Derby FuriesWin!Great Yorkshire Showdown
26 September 2015AwayWhippin' Hinnies 303149 Preston Roller GirlsWin!Great Yorkshire Showdown
26 September 2015AwayWhippin' Hinnies 17066 Leeds Roller Derby Whip ItsWin!Great Yorkshire Showdown
19 September 2015AwayCanny Belters 21965 London Rockin' RollersWin! British Champs
19 September 2015AwayCanny Belters 117191 Nottingham Hellfire HarlotsWin!British Champs
5 September 2015HomeCanny Belters 20588 SwanseaWin!
5 September 2015HomeWhippin' Hinnies 245188 Dolly RockitsWin!
15 August 2015HomeCanny Belters 194137 Nottingham Hellfire HarlotsWin!British Champs
27 June 2015AwayCanny Belters 50560 Hulls AngelsWin!British Champs
30 May 2015HomeWhippin' Hinnies 186183 Brussels Derby PixiesWin!
17 May 2015AwayCanny Belters 171173 Gent Go GoLossSKOD final
16 May 2015AwayCanny Belters 222126 Dirty RiverWin!SKOD
16 May 2015AwayCanny Belters 172 152 Middlesbrough Milk RollersWin!SKOD
26 Apr 2015HomeCanny Belters 195Leeds Roller Dolls 127Win!British Champs
18 Apr 2015AwayWhippin' Hinnies 116Belfast Banshees 172Loss
11 Apr 2015HomeWhippin` Hinnies 162Whirral Whipiteres 174Loss
29 Mar 2015AwayWhippin` Hinnies
CCR Slay Belles 110Win!
14 Mar 2015AwayCanny Belters 213Birmingham Blitz Dames 95Win!
28 Feb 2015AwayCanny Belters 194Hot Wheel Roller Derby 150Win!British Champs
14 Feb 2015HomeWhippin Hinnies 363Spa Town Roller Girls 71Win!
01 Feb 2015AwayCanny Belters 231Manchester Roller Derby 81Win!British Champs
01 Nov 2014HomeWhippin` Hinnies 252Crime City B 162Win!
Whippin` Hinnies 237Sheffield Steel Roller Girls All Stars 133Win!
25 Oct 2014AwayCanny Belters 168Rainy City Roller Girls 137Win!
11 Oct 2014AwayCanny Belters 120Dublin Roller Derby 226Loss
04 Oct 2014HomeWhippin` Hinnies 351Limerick Roller Girls 141Win!
20 Sep 2014AwayWhippin` Hinnies 173Furness Firecrackers 172Win!Great
Whippin Hinnies 142Sheffield Steel Rollers B 23Win!Yorkshire
Whippin` Hinnies 134Bruising Banditas 38Win!Showdown
27 Jul 2014HomeCanny Belters 121Middlesborough Milk Rollers 185Loss
05 Jul 2014HomeWhippin` Hinnies 191Liverpool Roller Birds 143Win!
14 Jun 2014AwayCanny Belters 147London Rockin` Rollers 124Win!
07 Jun 2014HomeCanny Belters 171Birmingham Blitz Dames 142Win!
31 May 2014AwayWhippin` Hinnies 105ARRG Cannon Bells 221Loss
17 May 2014AwayWhippin` Hinnies 201Fierce Valley Roller Girls 169Win!
10 May 2014HomeCanny Belters Glasgow Maiden GrrdersGAME CANCELLED :((
HomeWhippin` Hinnies 131Dundee Silvery Tayzers 163Loss
26 Apr 2014AwayCanny Belters 261Tiger Bay Brawlers B-Bombs 127Win!
05 Apr 2014AwayCanny Belters 211Hot Wheel Roller Derby 143Loss
29 Mar 2014AwayCanny Belters 196Seaside Siren Roller Girls 143Win!
08 Feb 2014HomeCanny Belters 152Rainy City Roller Girls 191Loss
Whippin` Hinnies 255RCRG Tender Hooligans 144Win!
19 Jan 2014AwayWhippin` Hinnies 183Rock City Rollers 182Win!
12 Jan 2014AwayCanny Belters 172Hellfire Harlots 92Win!
30 Nov 2013AwayWhippin’ Hinnies 176 Furness Firecrackers 133Win!
23 Nov 2013HomeCanny Belters 237 Sheffield Steel Roller Girls 89Win!
16 Nov 2013AwayWhippin’ Hinnies 60Dundee Roller Girls 51Win!Battle of Britain 30min FINAL
AwayWhippin’ Hinnies 72Belfast Roller Derby 31Win!Battle of Britain 30min game
AwayWhippin’ Hinnies 106Reaper Roller Girls 16Win!Battle of Britain 30min game
9 Nov 2013HomeWhippin’ Hinnies 106 Leeds Rebel Roses 244Loss
Whippin’ Hinnies 154Leeds Whip-Its 134Loss
26 Oct 2013HomeWhippin’ Hinnies 142Furness Firecrackers 178LossHassle
Whippin’ Hinnies 45Middlesbrough Rising Rollers 32Win!in
Whippin’ Hinnies 144Durham City Rolling Angels 13Win!Newcastle
Whippin’ Hinnies 78Halifax Brusing Banditas 69Win!
19 Oct 2013AwayCanny Belters 105Middlesbrough Milk Rollers 239Loss
29 Sep 2013HomeCanny Belters 142Manchester Checker Broads 120Win!
21 Sep 2013HomeCanny Belters 153Seaside Sirens 151Win!
27 Jul 2013AwayWhippin’ Hinnies 135Rainy City Roller Girls Tender Hooligans 148Loss
29 Jun 2013HomeWhippin’ Hinnies 291Bruising Banditas 88Win!
Canny Belters 259Central City Roller Girls 122Win!
15 Jun 2013AwayCanny Belters 191Glasgow Roller Derby Maiden Grrders 110Win!
20 Apr 2013AwayCanny Belters 250Cork City Firebirds 132Win!
Canny Belters 397Limerick Roller Derby 48Win!
13 Apr 2013AwayCanny Belters 240Dundee Silvery Tayzers 199Win!
30 Mar 2013HomeCanny Belters 252Hellfire Harlots 90Loss
Whippin’ Hinnies 225Fierce Valley Roller Girls, Parma Violets 154Win!
16 Dec 2012AwayWhippin' Hinnies 86Bruising Banditas 195Loss
15 Dec 2012HomeCanny Belters 303Hot Wheel Roller Derby 53Loss
1 Dec 2012AwayCanny Belters 118CCR Slay Belles 102Win!
25 Nov 2012AwayWhippin’ Hinnies 248Hulls Angels Roller Derby 158Win!
17 Nov 2012AwayCanny Belters 121Granite City Roller Girls 124Loss
22 Sep 2012HomeCanny Belters 94Middlesbrough Milk Rollers 189Loss
Whippin’ Hinnies 133Middlesbrough Milk Rollers 50Win!
18 Aug 2012AwayWhippin’ Hinnies 116Liverpool Roller Birds Chicks 210Loss
Canny Belters 63Liverpool Roller Birds 210Loss
14 Jul 2012HomeCanny Belters 156Manchester Roller Derby Checker Broads 172Loss
Whippin’ Hinnies 85Kent Roller Girls 73Win!
24 Jun 2012AwayWhippin’ Hinnies 250The Imposters 69Win!
6 May 2012HomeCanny Belters 146Lincolnshire Bombers Roller Girls Bombshell Bruisers 122Win!
Whippin’ Hinnies 120Lincolnshire Bombers Roller Girls Damebusters 99Win!
21 Apr 2012HomeWhippin’ Hinnies 138Hulls Angels Roller Dames 116Win!
24 Mar 2012HomeCanny Belters 164Glasgow Roller Derby Maiden Grrders 156Win!
Whippin’ Hinnies 137Furness Firecrackers 57Win!
11 Feb 2012AwayCanny Belters 95Hellfire Harlots 162Loss
10 Dec 2011HomeCanny Belters 117Auld Reekie Cannon Belles 87Win!
19 Nov 2011AwayCanny Belters 117Hot Wheel Roller Derby 112Win!
3 Sep 2011AwayCanny Belters 96Sheffield Steel Roller Girls All Stars 148Loss
Whippin’ Hinnies 163Sheffield Crucibelles 60Win!
20 Aug 2011AwayWhippin’ Hinnies 153Lincolnshire Bombers Roller Girls Dame Busters 50Win!
30 Jul 2011AwayWhippin’ Hinnies 108Manchester Roller Derby B Team 115Loss
11 Jun 2011AwayCanny Belters 117Liverpool Roller Birds 60Win!
Whippin’ Hinnies 117Liverpool Roller Chicks 60Win!
14 May 2011AwayWhippin’ Hinnies 102Tender Hooligans 114Loss
7 May 2011HomeCanny Belters 107Dolly Rockit Rollers All Stars 83Win!
2 Apr 2011AwayCanny Belters 108Glasgow Maiden Grrders 124Loss
5 Mar 2011HomeCanny Belters 113Granite City Roller Girls Northern Fights 63Win!
21 Nov 2010HomeCanny Belters 102NUTS 81Win!
24 Oct 2010AwayWhippin’ Hinnies 35Leeds Whippits 104LossGreat Yorkshire Showdown
25 Sep 2010AwayCanny Belters 79Dolly Rockit Rollers 68Win!
24 Jul 2010AwayCanny Belters 73Sheffield Steel Roller Girls 150Loss
11 Apr 2010AwayCanny Belters 69Auld Reekie Roller Girls Cannon Belles 79Loss