A Team: The Canny Belters

The Canny Belters is Newcastle Roller Derby’s A Team.

Our WFTDA and UKRDA top 20 charter is made up of 14 Canny Belters skaters, and 6 ‘crossover’ skaters who are eligible to play in both A and B team games.

Canny Belters (WFTDA Charter)

000 Drama Bomb
028 Smash
1038 Katastic
11 Helen Drew
20 Khal JoJo
22 The Rottwheeler
27 Hit One Purl One
314 Lucy
540 Charlotta Pain
5678 Darcey Tussle
79 Spangled
91 Pretty Skate Machine
912 The End Is Nige

Charter Pool
9 Joanna Bruisin’

Crossovers (WFTDA Charter) Eligible for Belters and Hinnies game day rosters
1420 Grieve-ous Bodily Harm
2009 Jock and Roll
2122 Hoolia
558 Hell Block H
66 Jo Beserk
82 Shredd