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Newcastle Roller Girls is an athletic and social non­profit organisation, striving for athletic excellence and competitive success in the growing world of roller derby. We host quality sporting events for our fans at our home venue the Benfield Sports Centre, where our three travel teams, the Canny Belters (A team), Whippin’ Hinnies (B team) and North Cs (C team) play regularly. We’re 100% skater-owned and operated, so all fundraising goes directly towards making Newcastle Roller Girls even more awesome.

Help us be more awesome by sponsoring us, making a donation or raising money while you shop via EasyFundraising! Check out the opportunities listed below, or get in touch by emailing nrgfundraising(at) if you have an idea we haven’t listed…

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At home games
● HELMET COVERS ­ £50 per game
Sponsor the helmet covers with your logo. Helmet covers are worn by the jammer and pivot in each jam so they’re in almost every photo, which are shared widely via social media and used for bout promo materials, PR activity and Facebook cover photos.
● PENALTY BOX ­ £30 per game 
Have your banner displayed prominently at the centre of the track above the penalty box. Whenever a player is sent to the box you’ll get a shoutout from the announcers.
● SPONSOR A SKATER­ £25 per game
Your company name stamped on a key player! Provide a patch, pair of leggings, temporary tattoo or other item for the player(s) to wear at a game!
● JAM LINE ­ £10 per game
Sponsor the jam line and our announcers will use your company name when mentioning the jam line a the start of each jam.
● TRACKSIDE SEAT SIGNS (x8) ­£10 per game
Your logo and message on the signs lining the track where the audience sit! We print the signs ­ just supply your logo and message.

● FACEBOOK COVER PHOTO ­£20 for one month
Your logo and short message included on our Facebook cover photo.

In kind
Print our bout programmes, flyers and posters! We’ll give you a free ad in the programmes, logo on the posters and flyers, and a thank you and link from our website.
Feature us in your magazine, website, blog or publication. If it’s digital, we’ll link to it. If it’s printed, we’ll sell it or give it out at games.
Donate gym passes or personal/group training sessions and profile your business to a large group of fitness fanatics (AKA Newcastle Roller Girls) who talk about little else.
Donate prizes to our raffle or tombola – ­ a popular fixture at games.
Brand the stall/buffet table with your posters, flyers and business cards. At games: donate food for our cake stall so we can focus on training, not baking! Cupcakes, tray bakes and baked savoury snacks go down well. At tournaments and boot camps: feed our officials. They volunteer free of charge at day­long events, so it’s polite to put on a spread. Sandwiches and savoury snacks are the norm, but they’re not picky.

Other opportunities
● STALL AT GAMES ­ £15 per game
We only have a select few stalls at home games, so you’re guaranteed to get noticed. Sell to fans and skaters and get free entry for two people, plus you can see the action from where you set up. We provide a table. Please email for details.

ALL sponsors will benefit from the following, as standard:

● Name checks, links and photos on social media. However you sponsor us, we’ll share a pic of our skater(s) with your branding, merch, or logo on social media and tell everyone how wonderful you are. We have a very active social media following: check out our Facebook and Twitter.
● Score board branding. Your logo or name static or scrolling on our scoreboard throughout the game.
● PR. If there’s a story in it, our PR machine will roll into action and work to secure media coverage, including taking and sharing film footage.
● Announcer shoutouts.
Our resident loudmouths with microphones will talk you up during the game.
● Free game tickets.
Get in free to our home games!
● Merch discount.
10% off our excellent merch.

Sponsor us for longer, or pick more than one option and pay less!

● 3 for 2.
Pick any 3 options and get the cheapest free!
● 5 bout discount.
Stick with us for 5 consecutive games, and get 20% off the price!
● 10 bout discount.
Stick with us for 10 consecutive games, and get 40% off the price!

As an added bonus, pick any bundle and the team will pose with your banner, or with cards spelling out your name, and share via our website and social media.

The serious bit
Sponsors must provide banners/branding. If you choose to sponsor a player who cannot play for any reason (e.g. injury) we’ll pick a stand in. If sponsoring ‘in­ kind’ (i.e. non ­monetary) we prefer things that benefit the whole league, rather than one skater in particular. Free game tickets are ultimately at our discretion;­ all reasonable requests will be accommodated. Facebook have rules regarding how much text cover photos can contain, so if you sponsor our cover photo your logo/message will be incorporated in a way that adheres to these and is visually pleasing. You won’t have the whole cover photo. PR coverage is at the discretion of media outlets -­ we will do all we can to secure coverage but cannot guarantee it.