Missy Pow Pow

missy300Missy has been a part of NRG since 2010 and skating for the A team, the Canny Belters since 2011.

Missy is the definition of an athlete, and her commitment to the league and her own training means she’s only missed one game during her career, due to injury.  As a serious gym fanatic, Missy can talk about game day prep to get the most from your skaters, injury prevention and what you need to do to stay fresh during a tournament.

Missy devised pre- and post-game rituals for the Belters when they took second place at SKOD in 2015, and the team credits a lot of their success to feeling fresh when under intense pressure physically and emotionally.

Missy is a natural pivot, and she specialises in blocking and tactical play. She can teach you about finding your voice whether you’re wearing the panty or not, and where to be and when to be there!

Missy and her notorious shoulder check took home the MVP Blocker award at 2015’s SKOD tournament and she can share the secrets of a strong stable block and more importantly how to capitalise on it.

Missy is also the league’s WFTDA and UKRDA rep and off the back of her work, NRG became one of the fastest team to ever go from WFTDA apprentice to full league status, and she can talk to you about the ins and outs of the process as well as other WFTDA goodies.