88 Kalamity James

Kalamity James-88What’s the inspiration behind your derby name?
I’m very clumsy/have a habit of losing anything that isn’t nailed down.

What’s the inspiration behind your number?
I was born on the 8th of the 8th, not very imaginative!

What was your proudest roller derby moment?
Winning British Champs Premier Tier in 2016, after only having been moved up from tier 2 at the start of the year!

How did you first discover roller derby / what convinced you to join?
A friend, Method Mam, told me about a team she was starting when we were friends outside of derby, the rest is history.

What was your best Fresh Meat moment?
Luckily for me, I was of the generation before fresh meat existed, not sure I could learn those skills so quickly now.

Favourite player to watch / learn from?
Stephanie Mainey is always a joy to watch, so switched on, and any of the Gotham or Rose jammers. I also learn a lot from my teamies!

What have you learned from roller derby?
To be proud of my body, that women’s sports are not always second class to men’s, that surrounding yourself with other strong female friends keeps me sane and grounded.

Who are your roller derby heroes?
Kamikaze Kitten when she was still playing, Stephanie Mainey, and… god too many to mention.

Which team do you look forward to playing / officiating the most and why?
Brawl Saints are always delightful, such lovely opponents on and off track.

Three words to describe you?
Strategic, always learning!

What advice would you give to someone who wants to get involved with their local team?
It will be the most life changing decision you will ever make. jump in with both feet and don’t look back.

What other sports / training do you do when you’re not on eight wheels?
I see a personal trainer three times a week doing a mix of heavy weights and HIIT, and cardio both HIIT and steady state on my own.

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