91N Pretty Skate Machine

Machine-91What’s the inspiration behind your derby name?
It’s a play on words from the Nine Inch Nails’ album, Pretty Hate Machine.

What was your proudest roller derby moment?
Being presented with a beautiful hand stitched best blocker award by Phill Jupitus when we played ARRG (one of my first games for the Whippin’ Hinnies). I still have it on my kit bag :)

Who are your roller derby heroes?
Too many to mention! The list definitely includes Juke Boxx (LRG), Roxy Dallas (Gotham), Missile America (Rat City) and Carmen Getsome (Team USA) though. I could go on!

Most embarrassing moment at a game / practice?
Probably screaming ‘not the face’ in a particularly messy scrimmage not long after I’d passed my minimum skills. I didn’t even know my voice could go that high. In my defence, my job means I can’t really turn up to work with a black eye and I like to think I’ve toughened up a bit since then but still, embarrassing!

What advice would you give to someone who wants to get involved with their local team?
Just do it! Get involved – whether you want to skate, or officiate, or just spectate, everyone’s welcome. It’ll change your life.

What other sports / training do you do when you’re not on eight wheels?
I like to hit the skate park or get out on my bike because everything is more fun on wheels. When I’m not on wheels I like to lift heavy things, play tennis, or do a HIIT workout. Love (hate) my foam roller. And I’m a big fan of skiing. Basically, anything but running – I have a low boredom threshold.

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