56 Peppa Pig-Iron

Peppa Pig Iron-56What’s the inspiration behind your derby name?
Same idea as Marilyn Manson; Hollywood starlet and serial killer. I love the juxtaposition. Peppa… cute cartoon character who my niece loves alongside Pig-Iron… metal/hard/a knife. Pig Iron also looks like little piglets suckling, which is mega cute and where it gets the name.

What’s the inspiration behind your number?
Average atomic mass of iron. My number used to be 01NK, but since the rule change I was unable to take 01 with a small ‘nk’ because another skater in the league skates under 01.

What was your funniest roller derby moment?
So many! Flying through the air in a ‘sitting duck’ position is one which I’m sure will continue to make me giggle for a long time yet!

What was your proudest roller derby moment?
Growing back my right toe nail after losing it during a toestop incident.

Most embarrassing moment at a game / practice?
Turning up at my first Fresh Meat session with my wrist guards on upside down, then leaving one skate behind and being dubbed Cinders forever more.

What other sports / training do you do when you’re not on eight wheels?
Chasing two toddlers and two dogs.

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