83 Jade

83 JadeWhat is the inspiration behind your derby name?
It’s the name my parents gave me and I like it. It’s easy to remember, so why change it! Seriously though, I thought I would eventually pick up a derby name and there’s still time.

What was your proudest roller derby moment?
When you get recognition or an award it’s pretty uplifting and makes the bruises worthwhile. Also, being rostered for the North Cs for the first time after returning to skates from having my baby. I was so proud of myself!

How did you first discover roller derby / what convinced you to join?
I skated when I was younger and I’m always up for trying different sports. My brother introduced me to roller derby and bought me some skates a couple Christmases ago, so that encouraged me to give it a shot.

What was your best fresh meat moment?
Passing each test and of course getting those dreaded 27/5!!!

Favourite player to watch/learn from?
Too many to list… all for different reasons. I love watching our very own Newcastle Roller Girls, I’m so proud to be part of an amazing league.

What have you learned from roller derby?
To have fun!

Three words to describe you?
Glass half full.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to get involved with their local team?
Just go for it… you have nothing to lose but lots to gain. They are either the same boat starting something new for the first time or they’ll have some good advice and experiences to pass on.

What other sports / training do you do when you’re not on eight wheels?
Mixed circuits and weight training.

The North Cs
War Lasses