003 Tace T

Tace T-003What is the inspiration behind your derby name?
It’s my forename and first letter of my surname. It sounded a bit more feminine than my uni nickname, Tace the Disgrace.

What was your funniest roller derby moment?
Unintentionally slide tackling two full walls of blockers at practise and creating a pretty spectacular domino effect, ending with me underneath a pile of bodies. And then Booze Wound taking my penalty. Thanks Booze.

How did you first discover roller derby?
I was talking to a friend about wanting to take up a physical/contact sport to channel my energy and get competitive. I got bored of the gym and the usual routine, and having played a little roller hockey as a kid I knew I was mediocre on in-lines. My friend knew Kalamity James and a little about a sport called roller derby, and hooked me up with Kalamity. She invited me to come and watch a practise scrim and I bought a fresh meat starter kit the following week. Being part of such a formidable team and community such as NRG is pretty damn inspiring.

Three words to describe you?
Determined, motivated, energetic.

What other training do you do when you’re not on eight wheels?
CrossFit and BodyBalance.

The Whippin’ Hinnies
War Lasses