1337 Fugazi

Fugazi 1337What is the inspiration behind your derby name?
I was listening to lots of hardcore at the time, and I wanted to pick Minor Threat, but I thought referring to myself as any type of threat, minor or not, was somewhat overstating my skills.

After Minor Threat, the singer was in a band called Fugazi, so I picked that. It’s like one down from a minor threat…

(Also, Fugazi *may* (references are unconfirmed) be Vietnam war slang for ‘all gone wrong’, so it seemed appropriate. As everything is usually going wrong for me.

How did you first discover roller derby / what convinced you to join?
Someone (he’s a total dick) told me I’d never be able to play roller derby because I was too little and weak. So I did. HA!

What have you learned from roller derby?
In the words of the very wise Marie Bayonet, ‘We’re all just adults on rollerskates’. I take this to mean that there’s no point in getting stressed or worrying too much when things don’t go right. We might as well just get on with it. After all, we’re all just dust floating about in space. I’m not sure Marie meant it in quite such an nihilistic manner…

Most embarrassing moment at a bout / practice?
Every single moment, but I’ll try to narrow it down, so either:

1) Catching the jammer at the front of the pack, and screaming ‘HELP ME’ really loudly for the rest of my wall to come and save me. Everyone heard. No one came. Probably because I didn’t say please.


2) Every photo that’s ever taken while I’m playing. In my head, I’m 7ft tall and scary. This does not translate to bout photos. I totally think I’ve caught a jammer on my chest, and then I see the photos after and I’ve just got my face in their boobs.

Three words to describe you?
Short. Miserable. Confused.

Whippin’ Hinnies
Toon Raiders