321 Ania Marx

Ania Marx 321
Ania Marx 321

What is the inspiration behind your derby name?
I was an athlete when I was young, I am a socialist and a lover of comedy.

What is the inspiration behind your derby number?
It goes with my name and I have three children who I affectionately refer to as numbers 1, 2 & 3.

What was your proudest roller derby moment?
My perfect jam is getting lead, and getting loads of points – whenever that happens for me in a bout I am happy – and my proudest times have been when the game is at a critical point and I maintain my focus and it all comes together.

What was your best Fresh Meat moment?
First session on borrowed disco skates in my work clothes – skating round and round – I couldn’t stop smiling.

What have you learned from roller derby?
To skate a hard well fought game is often better than winning too easily, mental strength is as important as physical strength.

If you could attend any sporting event in the world, what would it be?
Roller derby final at the Olympics.

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