92 Marie Bayonet

Marie Bayonet-92What’s the inspiration behind your derby name?
Marie Antoinette.

What’s the inspiration behind your number?
My Nana.

What was your funniest roller derby moment?
Anytime I’m with the Hinnies.

What was your proudest roller derby moment?
Skating in the 2014 Roller Derby World Cup for Team Wales in Dallas.

How did you first discover roller derby / what convinced you to join?
I had a friend on Facebook who mentioned she skated years ago, never knew it was in the UK.

What was your best Fresh Meat moment?
Passing my mins in disco boots and meeting friends for life.

Favourite player to watch / learn from?
Juicy Lucy #Blythsbest.

What have you learned from roller derby?
I am stronger than I think, mentally and physically.

Who are your roller derby heroes?
Juicy Lucy, Jack Attack, Tracy Akers, V Diva.

Most embarrassing moment at a game / practice?
Pretty much when I say anything.

What other sports / training do you do when you’re not on eight wheels?
5 aside, running, weights, skate boarding, squash.

The Whippin’ Hinnies
Toon Raiders