In the meantime…

We’ve had lots of interest in learning to play roller derby since March 2020. We’re not yet in a position to announce plans for our next skater intake, so we’ve put together this list of things you might like to watch to explore roller derby in the meantime:

Hell on Wheels documentary available now on iPlayer  following Tiger Bay Brawlers

Hidden Lives episode 5 (featuring Auld Reekie Roller Derby)

Roller Derby Til I Die – 13 part TV series about London Roller Derby from 2013 

Home game on Netflix episode 4
(do bear in mind this is banked track, and we play on a flat track)

Skate fast, hit hard

Suzy Hotrod, Roller Derby Star

And, of course: Whip It film – available on Starz Play or can be rented online. Please note: This includes banked track play (we use a flat track) and not all their gameplay hits are legal…

We’ll add more suggestions  as our members recommend them, so check back!