Newcastle Roller Girls: WHY AYE Snapback Cap


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EEE have ya seen them roller derby skaters, like? WHY AYE! Geet fast them like, smashin’ owt on track, nickin’ points like cheap shot doon tha Bigg Market… Said no-one ever, but it might be what non-geordies think geordie derby fans say about us on bout day. Wow. That was niche.

What’s not niche is the appeal of these cheeky snapbacks with a little geordie slang printed just above the eyeline! Want to show a little northern appreciation? Flash ya peak, pet lamb! Take a little of the Toon around with you and share the love of the North with everyone.

We’re offering these in classic black on gold as standard, although we did also produce a sister mesh back trucker cap for those hot summer nights.