Next home game! 7 October 2017

21415056_10155372298730546_7234767704004368103_oThe summer break is over and we can’t wait to get back on track! Our next home game is Saturday 7 October. Our A team, the Canny Belters play Glasgow’s Irn Bruisers, while our C team, the North Cs take on Dundee Roller Girls’ Bonnie Colliders.

The last time our Canny Belters played Glasgow at home (in October 2016) they took the win 261-96. Both teams have had a mixed start to 2017 suffering losses against European teams in tournaments (Newcastle at EuroClash and Glasgow at West Track Story) but Newcastle bounced back with a strong performance at the Mayday Mayhem tournament in Colorado in May (climbing 25 places in the WFTDA rankings as a result) while Glasgow have had success at home recently with wins over Amsterdam and Granite City. Glasgow are ranked lower than Newcastle in the WFTDA, European and UKRDA rankings so the home team will be aiming to win by a significant differential but it’s been a year since these two teams faced each other so it will be interesting to see how this one plays out.

Our newly established C team, the North Cs will take on Dundee Roller Girls’ Bonnie Colliders. Both brilliant names, but which team will come out on top when they hit the track?? North Cs are ranked 375 in Europe on Flat Track Stats while the Bonnie Colliders are only 9 places lower at 384. They’ve never played each each other before, but Interestingly both teams were beaten by Auld Reekie’s All Star Rookies by a similar differential so this could be a close game.

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