Belters continue their winning streak for 2015

The Newcastle Roller Girls Canny Belters continue their winning streak for 2015, beating Birmingham Blitz Dames’ A team on their home turf.

The Belters travelled down to Birmingham on Saturday for the clash, which was their first game outside of the British Champs tournament in 2015, and after a very tough fight won 213-95.

Head coach Kalamity James said: “It was a very physical game, and the Blitz Dames had some amazingly strong walls that our jammers struggled to get through in the first half. However after we settled into the game, the blockers were able to provide our jammer with more offence which is when we saw the score pull away. I think the fitness of our players really shone through compared to Blitz Dames as we were able to play at a higher level more consistently and for longer, than them.”