Game recap: North Cs v DCRA + rookie game

Photography credit: Dave Moore

On Saturday, 4 August, Newcastle Roller Girls’ North Cs kicked off the second half of the season in our new home venue, Benfield Sports Centre.

Opening up the first game, a mix of rookie skaters from Newcastle Roller Girls, Auld Reekie Roller Girls, Border City Roller Derby, and Bairn City Rollers took each other on in a furry Star Wars match-up of the Wookiees vs the Ewoks. The game heated up quickly, with the Ewoks enjoying the lead at halftime with 109 to 165. However, the Wookiees poured it on in the second half and ended up taking the win with 310 to 285. MVPs for this epic battle were BCR’s Bambi for the Ewoks, and BCRD’s Hoolia for the Wookiees. NRG’s own Sven Will I Be Famous also made his bench coach debut, leading the Wookiees to this victory. What? Is that a Wookiee war cry braying in the distance?

The second game saw our North Cs take on our friends from the next county, Durham City Rolling Angels, in a captivating contest that ended with the North Cs taking the win at 356 to 90. This win was exceptionally exciting as it was our first North Cs win in the last five games played. MVPs for this game were A-Lister from DCRA and Spanky Doodle from NRG.

Thanks to all the officials and volunteers who made these games possible and to everyone who came along to support the teams – we look forward to seeing you at our next home game on 20 October!