Kalamity's sponsored Funky Butt

Kalamity James nets a funky sponsor

Kalamity's sponsored Funky Butt
Kalamity James, sponsored by The Funky Butt Club

The Newcastle Roller Girls are pleased to announce that The Funky Butt Club at the Cumberland Arms in Newcastle is sponsoring Kalamity James for our next bout, facing off against Liverpool Roller Birds, in Crouching Blocker, Hidden Jammer!

The bout, on Geordie soil, will see the NRG hitting the track to try and get a hat trick of home wins.

Kalamity James, a seasoned skater with the Newcastle team, will be skating this bout with a logo for The Funky Butt Club on her team shorts. It’s a logo that the Liverpool girls will grow to hate by the end of the bout, as Kalamity’s favourite move is the booty block!

Funky Butt Club DJ Lord Leigh Park said: “I used to be into football in a big way, but now that it’s all about money and super injunctions, and is out of touch with ordinary fans, I’m not interested.

“On the other hand, roller derby is a sport that encourages the whole family to get involved, and is about love and passion, not money and fame, and the camaraderie between teams is brilliant.”

The Funky Butt Club takes place at the Cumberland Arms on Sunday afternoons. It’s open to anyone from 18 to 80 who enjoy dancing with a seriously friendly crowd of upbeat hipsters.

If you want to get involved with the Newcastle Roller Girls, it couldn’t be simpler. We’re on Facebook, Twitter, and here on our website: get in touch and see what we’re all about.

Von Sleaze