Whippin’ Hinnies win at first home bout of 2012

It was a mixed bag for NRG yesterday at their first home bout of 2012, expectations were high for the Canny Belters after a defeat in their last game, but sadly it wasn’t to be with Glasgow Roller Derby’s Maiden Grrders taking the win 164 – 156. The Canny Belters came out strong and were winning in points for the entire first  half. But with the power changing hands frequently, the balance tipped to GRD in the final few jams of the second half.

Over to the opening game, where the Whippin’ Hinnies brought Newcastle a MASSIVE home win against the Furness Firecrackers with a final score of 137 – 57 .

Full write up and picture links coming soon!!

In the mean time, Sky Tyne and Wear were in attendence at the bout and they did some interviews with Brie Larceny and Kalamity James, as well as bout footage and a hilarious appearance with a miked up Man Shaped Dog as bench coach! Check it out HERE