We’re changing our name!

The league has voted and we’ve made a decision: Newcastle Roller Girls will be changing its name to Newcastle Roller Derby.

‘Newcastle Roller Girls’ has served us well for 10 years and we have a lot of fond associations with the name, but as a league we felt it didn’t accurately represent us any more.

Newcastle Roller Derby is more inclusive and welcoming, and the name better reflects who we are: a diverse league of strong and athletic skaters.

As well as changing our name we’re planning to refresh our logo, and since we want to do it right we’re going to take our time. We’re planning to officially launch the new name and brand in 2020, so until then we’ll still continue to be known as Newcastle Roller Girls.

Thanks to all our league members who took the time to vote and give their opinions on the name change, and here’s to many more years of awesome roller derby in Newcastle upon Tyne!