Belters take silver at SKOD – A Skate Odyssey

Newcastle Evening Chronicle article
Photo credit: Viciane Pierart

We had an amazing time at SKOD – big thanks to the Newcastle Evening Chronicle for this great write up of our adventures, from winning our first game against Middlesbrough Milk Rollers to taking the silver medal in the tournament final against hosts Gent-Go Go Roller Girls.

Head Coach Kalamity James, “We went into SKOD with our confidence high after a really successful British Champs campaign. So we took everything we’d learned this year and really applied it on track, keeping calm, communicating, staying together and giving the right offense at the right time. Not even we dared to hope that we’d do as well as we did, although we shouldn’t have been surprised after all the hard work and commitment the whole team had put in.”

Some changes in our training have seen us climb the rankings this year and fresh from our adventures at SKOD, our head coaches want to share what we’ve learned with you.

We’ll be running a bootcamp at the Dome this summer with a whole load of tactics tried and tested at SKOD, including resisting offense, sharpening up your footwork, wall work and strategy.

Details coming soon…