NRG wins against ARRG Cannon Belles

Canny Belters vs. ARRG Cannon Belles - Brie Larceny attacking ARRGs wall

NRG were excited to unleash some of our newer skaters on the world with a fantastic warm up intraleague match, the Christmas Crack Hers vs. the Slay Belles, & they didn’t disappoint. A final score of Slay Belles 53 – 70 Christmas Crack Hers really got the Canny Belters in the mood.

The main event was always going to be an interesting match up, as the Cannon Belles were the first team that NRG ever played back in April 2010! NRG narrowly lost that match by 10 points.

In the 18 months since, NRG showed just how far we have come by taking the win this time, final score of 118-87 – victorious in our final home game of the year.

If you missed the bout, fear not! Two lovely folk from our festive audience have both published cracking little movies of the headline bout. Check ’em out:

Plus, our resident legend with the lens, Idene Roozbayani, has uploaded 2 albums worth of beautiful photos:

NRG would like to thank all of our fans who came to watch the match and have supported us throughout 2011; we genuinely couldn’t do it without you.

Have a great Christmas and New Year!

Xmas Crack Hers vs. Slay Belles