Newcastle roller girls UK rankings

NRG accepted as a UK Roller Derby Association League!

The Newcastle Roller Girls(NRG) are the newest addition to the UKRDA family, forged when like minds, athletic ability and a desire to do something different collided with an imported all-girl American sport.

The United Kingdom Roller Derby Association (UKRDA) exists to lobby for and promote the sport of roller derby in the UK. They aim to help drive the growth, expertise and recognition of the sport, whilst supporting and encouraging their members to develop and grow individually into strong, athletic leagues.

They have recently been recognised by the British Roller Sports Federation as the National Association for roller derby in the UK.

Kalamity James and Gin and Sonic will be the NRG representatives for the UKRDA, they said: “We’re excited to see what the future holds for NRG and how we can work closely with the UKRDA to double derby audience figures in the next 12 months!”